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Phone 727-260-2632

Did you know that Mr. McWiz (McClellan) is a published children's book author, licensed teacher and former college instructor?
(See Biography of Mr. McWiz on the Library Page)

McWizKid Science
Experiment Book

plus shipping and handling
Comes with a fascinating science toy called the "Enigma".
Mr. McWiz makes these himself!
It seems to defy logic unless you understand the scientific principle it operates by!

The areas that Mr. McWiz Serves Are:
  • Clearwater
  • Safety Harbor
  • Dunedin
  • Palm Harbor
  • Tarpon Springs
  • Indian Rocks
  • Largo
  • East Lake
  • Oldsmar

Did You Know...
Mr. McWiz is also a published author of young readers phonics books. A VERY unique set!

The red book of long vowel word families (word clusters) is $14.95 plus shipping and handling. Kids can have fun coloring the pages also! Comes with phonics word lists for each of six fun-filled stories. VERY helpful for the beginning reader. 170 pages

These stories are based on a research study by Wyley and Durrell who demonstrated that 37 word clusters can make 500 words for the emerging reader! Kids can color the pages. Comes with phonics word lists with each of the five stories.
Purchase from us at $14.95 (plus shipping and handling) or purchase  on Amazon! 108 pages

Stimulate children's curiosity and give them the opportunity to DISCOVER the fascinating world of science around them. Let Mr. McWiz Science help.
GOT SCIENCE? These kids do!

Get Taught by a REAL Science Teacher!

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Kids love to explore and discover. Why not give them one of the best opportunities in the Tampa Bay Region to have their natural curiosity stimulated in an educational direction like "hand's on" science? Have YOU ever seen bubbles bounce on a bed of carbon dioxide gas?? Exploring such areas as matter and energy, properties of light and sound, geology, kid's chemistry, wonders of weather, heat energy, animals and owl pellets, exciting electrical fun, or forces and laws of motion; experimenting like a scientist for the love of learning can be a journey you and your child will treasure for years to come. Give us a try - and see why Mr. McWiz was nominated for the Presidential Award for Mathematics and Science by his students' parents!

I love doing science experiments with Mr. McWiz. It's so much fun. Right now I am doing an experiment with an electromagnet. I am recording my observations like a real scientist.
This is so cool!

 Rated A+ by Parents on Read Unbiased Consumer Reviews Online at

Mr. McWiz can either come to your home or you can come to his office classroom. Why not contact him today?

Here I am doing a science experiment with yeast. I wanted to see if the amount of sugar would make a difference in how much gas the yeast would make. Look how much MINE made. Pretty cool. The gas is carbon dioxide - the same gas that we breathe out! I recorded my data on my bottle...SEE?

My two sisters and I have such a fun time learning all of these cool things in science. I'm really glad my mom has Mr. McWiz teaching us.

Yep! I added JUST the right amount of water this time. I'm learning how to use a graduated cylinder...just like a real scientist.
Have YOU ever had the opportunity to bounce a soap bubble up and down on a cloth glove? This is only ONE of a hundred experiments that most kids never get to experience - unless they take Mr. McWiz Science. How fascinating! Your child's own personal science teacher!

Am I cute or what with
these goggles on? I just floated 7 paper clips! The science principle was surface tension.

Cooool. Have YOU ever     made a cloud in a bottle? Can you guess how Mr. McWiz did it?
Mr. McWiz Science Overview of Classes
Throughout the Year (See Below)
Secure a science session with Mr. McWiz for 60-75 minutes of "hands-on" science magic experiments that are certain to thrill any child with curiosity. And that's EVERY child!
Only in the Clearwater, Florida, area. (See left side of this page for covered areas.)

Split the cost with another parent and SAVE!!

What Mr. McWiz Can Do For Your Child
Contact him today and find out! 727-260-2632
Mr. McWiz Science is a "hands-on" fun science enrichment adventure - in discovery of the fascinating world all around us. We teach individual children or several children at a time - with their parents at our office science center. January begins science center enrichment sessions that will have a new science theme each week and parents can sign up for a 10-week tuition "package".  However, parents can also sign up for a "pay-as-you-go" science alternative as well. Fees vary depending on distance traveled. If parents prefer we can drive to their home and bring a new science discovery kit lesson for their child to explore right on their dining room table! Many state and national science standards are taught, with your child learning science vocabulary and concepts -and just having discovery FUN! We have over sixty-five science kits with hundreds of fun experiments that your child can enjoy. Some of the fun science experiments that I cover are:

  • Dig for Gemstones - Geology ROCKS!!
  • Sound and GOOD Vibrations
  • The Magic of Air Pressure
  • Water and the Water Cycle
  • The Wonders of Weather (Making Clouds, Tornadoes and More!)
  • Discoveries in Heat Energy
  • Cool Experiments with Light and Illusions
  • Forces: Gravity and the Laws of Motion
  • Colorful Chemistry Experiments
  • Amazing Animals, Small Critters and Microscopes
  • The Wonders of Magnetism and Static Electricity
  • "Bubbleology": Dry Ice Smoke Bubbles and Bubble Snakes
  • Rocket Launching and Soda Geyser Cars
  • Measuring Distance with Launching Paper Airplanes    
  • Carbon Dioxide Magic: Making a Home-Made Fire Extinguisher and Bouncing Soap Bubbles on CO2
  • Making Homemade Submarines and Problem Solving Skills
  • Discovering Dinosaurs and Making Fossils
  • Traveling Through Our Solar System and the Stars
  • Experiments with the Senses and Making Yummy Bubble Gum


  • Disgusting Dissections: Cow's Eyes and Frog Intestines 
  • Fun Experiments with Metric Measurement (Meters, Liters, and Grams...oh my!)     
  • Taking experimental data and placing that into tables, broken line graphs, etc.
  • How to set up a science fair project
  • Invention convention brainstorming and how to assemble the project for display.
Mr. McWiz is a Florida and Indiana licensed teacher with many years in elementary and middle school science, as well as a published science and reading phonics book author. He has lectured and presented science workshops around the United States. He gives your child an incredible journey in "hands-on" science discovery with inquiry based questions. Mr. McWiz teaches them process skills and how to apply measurement, appropriate to their age level. His young scientists can keep science journals, draw diagrams of their observations and have their own science kit if they would like. Most of his students are between 5 and 14 years of age, although Mr. McWiz will consider teaching older students. Mr. McWiz plans lessons for each individual student; tailoring his program and method to meet students' individual needs.

CALL SOON! You are more likely to get a time you prefer!
"I've had a ball!"


A NEW office near 590 and McMullin Booth Road (behind Johnny's Restaurant) will be open in December to offer science tutoring sessions before and after school for parents who wish their kids to get excited about learning through "hands-on" science experiments. Various science topics will be covered each week and parents can sign up for the sessions that interest them the most. Call for more information if you are interested at 727-260-2632 or email Mr. McWiz at or
See the webpage regarding science session topics

 "This is interesting. I wonder why there are bubbles coming out? It can't be flour.
Solve chemical problems like a chemist? This smart eight year old is using various combinations of materials to identify the chemical properties of the various materials like salt, baking soda, etc.  You can see how engaged he is!!

Observing, predicting, testing, drawing conclusions, measuring and more...
What Does This Cost?
$60 per hour as of January 2014. Some parents with tight budgets will split the cost with another interested parent and pay just $30 per session. McWiz uses a lot of materials, some of which the children keep in their science kit - so there are some months with nominal material charges. Many parents choose to have Mr. McWiz come to their homes every week and others just twice a month. Still others will prefer the 10-week "value" package of lessons at his office science center.

Most of his parents are homeschooling moms and dads. Call or fill out the contact form below if you have more questions or go to "Schedule of Classes"; we'd be happy to give you more information including references, etc., upon your request. Openings are limited and there may be a waiting list.  If interested in the fun and the educational value your child can have, call 727-260-2632 or email Mr. McWiz at or

Why not contact Mr. McWiz for more information?                     

Thank you for your interest. We will do our best to contact you as soon as possible. Understand that we only do our enrichment science in the region specified above and that there may be a waiting list to get you into a time slot that works for you. We realize that this is only an inquiry for you to connect with us as soon as possible. Parents that would like to see an overview of what is taught in these science experiment sessions should send in their request. We presently teach children ranging in age from 5 to 14. If you are interested in January scheduling - we have openings at present; but suggest you make your reservations early.

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Area of Science

Grades K–2

Grades 3–4

Life Science







Yeast Experiments



Human Body


Microscope Adventures



Plant Life


The Human Body

Life Cycles


Microscope Adventures

Earth Science

Earth, Moon, and Sun and the Planets/Solar System


Water Works

Growing Crystals/Ice Cream

Rocks and Minerals – Making Rock Candy and Volcanoes


The Solar System

Earth, Moon and Sun


“Making a Solar Cooker”

Clouds, Wind, and Storms

Minerals, Rocks, and Soil plus Making Volcanoes and Geysers

Making Crystals and Ice Cream!

Physical Science

Doing Work - Balloon Powered

Solids – Liquids - Gases Energy/Geyser Car Race

Light and Solar Energy

Properties of Matter


Static Electricity

Things Move

Rockets and Planes

Simple Machines

Engineering/ Building a Bridge

Kids’ Chemistry – Basics

What is SOUND?

Matter and Energy

Properties of Matter

Solids, Liquids, and Gases


Forces and Motion

Light and Solar Energy

Heat Energy/Hero’s Turbine



Canister Rockets Experiment

Siphon Magic

Kids’ Chemistry

Acids and Bases


Process Science

Depending on the Academic Maturity of Child

Hypotheses (Skills)

Using Diagrams (Skills)

Draw Conclusions (Skills)

Identify and Control Variables

Thermometers (Tools)

Balance Scales (Tools)

Hand Lenses (Tools)

Technology Process

Hypotheses (Skills)

Data Sheets (Skills)

Using Diagrams (Skills)

Draw Conclusions (Skills)

Observation vs. Inference (Skills)

Identify and Control Variables (Skills)

Using Graphs (Skills)

Thermometers (Tools)

Balance Scales (Tools)

Time Measurement (Tools)

Watch the magic of laser lights by sprinklings of baby powder!

Kids are fascinated by what they see in Mr. McWiz's Science Enrichment Classes. Here one bright boy gets to see a laser light pattern made with mirrors on his dining room table. Pretty cool, eh?
The light unit is only one of over 65 kits of science materials Mr. McWiz has - which saves you enormous amounts of time obtaining; verses running around to stores looking or time spent researching science supply websites...let alone all the money it will cost. Mr. McWiz makes it easy. And again - Mr. McWiz has the educational experience to explain and answer the question,"Why"?


Need help putting together a Science Fair Project? Let Mr. McWiz Science help. Mr. McWiz has judged many science fairs and chaired an "Invention Convention" for a school. Sign up and change that stress into the excitement and fun of the scientific "journey" created by the proper motivation and direction. Clearwater area only!
Five week project sessions for $195* package of "one-on-one" scientific guidance. Come to our science center office in Clearwater (with parent) for sessions. LOTS of "spark plug" ideas to get a student thinking about a top-notch project - they can "take off" with!
*If taught at my science discovery office. Parent needs to stay with child.

Materials for Project Supplied by the Parent. Eight week lead time before actual fair event. Must be able to work some Saturdays if need be. Ages 8 to 14.
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